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Transformational selling techniques
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Value Selling

Introduction to Value Selling

1. What is Value Selling ?
Value Selling in the art and science of selling exclusively based in Value of the offering, rather than on Price, Promotion or customer’s Prejudice (favoue/bias)
2. What is the objective of Value Selling ?
To ensure sustainable Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and expand Customer Equity
3. Why is Value Selling necessary ?
To bring Transformational advancement in Sales and Account Management approach of an organization.
4. In which stage of Customer Lifecycle is Value Selling important ?
Throughout the Customer Lifecycle – Prospecting, Acquisition, Account Management.

Benefits of Value Selling

Benefits of Value Selling

Comparison of Traditional, Solution and Value Selling

Areas of Difference Traditional Selling Solution Selling Value Selling
Focus Closing the Deal Solving the cusromer’s problem Enabling the customer’s
business journey
Foundation of Sales
Features, Functionatilies, Attributes,
Gain creation, Pain/Risk mitigation,
Desired Future State and Value of
Success of the customer
Approach Transactional Strategic Transformative
Mostly suitable for
Almost all types of offerings Specialized or Niche offerings Differentiated offerings
Target customers Wide range offering is relevant Specific Verticals or Horizontals Specific accounts
Decision makers
(in most cases)
Technical and/or Functional management Technical and/or Functional management Executive Management
Pricing practice Cost or Effort based Outcome or Effort based Value based
Sales cycle Short, Medium or Long, based on value
and complexity of the deal
Medium to Long Medium to Long
Sales conversion % Average Medium to High Highest
Customer Lifetime
Low to Medium Medium to High Highest

Value Selling is crucial to shape Customer’s demand and your Margin


Benefits of Value Selling


Imparting Knowledge on Value Selling – Bizwin’s Approach


Bizwin’s Primer Content & Workshops for Value Selling

Value Selling: Core Sessions & Application Workshops

Building Value
Building Value
8 steps of building Value into your offering
Value Selling Fundamentals
Value Selling Fundamentals
12 Fundamentals of Value Selling
Blue Ocean ideation
Blue Ocean ideation
How to use a few basics of Blue Ocean idea to reinforce Value Selling
Value Proposition Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas
Understanding the Drivers behind the customer’s Needs, Wants and Fears. And pitch selectively
Value Articulation
Value Articulation
RDS approach, Value Articulation and Crafting Value Proposition Statement
Aligning with customer’s DFS
Aligning with customer’s DFS
How to align with customer’s Desired Future State and ensure long-term high-margin relationship