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How to sell post COVID-19
Online Guidance for B2B companies

Who is this for ?

CEOs/COOs/ CFOs/ Head of Sales & Marketing/ Senior Sales & Marketing professionals of Small and Medium Enterprises which are in B2B business

What will it cover ?

Step by Step Approach for B2B SME companies on how to sell in Post-COVID-19 times

How long will be each session ?

Including Q & A, each session will be 90 minutes

How many such sessions will be there in the series ?

Total 6 sessions

How many such sessions will be there in the series ?

Total 6 sessions

Will it be a Webinar? What platform will be used ?

  • It will be through online sessions, only for your company. No other company will participate.
  • WebEx or Zoom may be used

How many participants can join?

In any of our online session, the maximum number participants allowed is 20.

Do we have to mandatorily take all the 6 sessions ?

  • For optimum result, all the 6 sessions are recommended.
  • However, you can decide choose one or many, at the time of starting the Engagement

What will we get at the end of each session ?

  • Each participant will receive (via email) a copy of the content of that session
  • Relevant spread-sheet based tools from Bizwin, if any

What topics will be covered ?

The Topics are furnished below

What will be the Price ?

  • Our session is not a standard one-size-fits all content.
  • Once we understand your requirement, we customize the content
  • Price will be detemined and communicated, once we understand your pain areas and requirement

Selling in Post COVID-19 times –Step by Step Approach

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

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