An end-to-end Opportunity Analysis and Pursuit Management tool, for modern enterprises.

  • Description

    This cloud-based product was designed to enable the Sales people to identify the real opportunities from the pile of leads / opportunities. It will also guide them to focus on those areas which will enable them to close the deals.

    For Management, it also offers a role-based holistic insight of the Sales pipeline health. It also enables Management to view, approve or reject the pursuit of any Sales opportunity.

  • Objectives

    • Assess the various Risks associated with a Sales opportunity
    • Judge the overall Potential of this opportunity
    • Decide on whether to pursue this opportunity or not
    • Focus on immediate action areas, if the opportunity is to be pursued

  • When to use this

    At periodic intervals (typically once a Quarter), use this to analyze the status and progress of your Business Development practices.

  • Opportunity Analysis and Pursuit Tool


Saves time and effort from pursuing wrong opportunities
Shortens Sales cycle for every opportunity
Improves Sales conversion significantly
Role-based insight into Sales pipeline health

This is a cloud-based product. Accessible anywhere, any time

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