One of the most advanced, cloud-based Sales Forecasting tools in the market today.

  • Description

    This is one of the most advanced, cloud-based Sales Forecasting tool in the market today. It takes out the “guess work” from forecasting and enables the Sales people and the Management to assess the potential & progress of leads/opportunities based on an intelligent, step-by-step facts verification and instant analysis.

    The algorithm of this tool is developed and tested with multiple years of experimentation, scientific analysis and above all, practical wisdom of industry veterans.

  • Objectives

    • Minimise guess work and arrive at a reasonable accurate Sales forecast under various circumstances
    • Mitigate risks — the system uses a complex algorithm to predict the results in 3 different business scenarios
    • Take prompt corrective actions to ensure timely closures

  • When to use this

    Once every week, each Sales person must submit his Forecast. It has an upward cascading mechanism already built into it to facilitate accurate aggregation, consolidation and presentation of latest Forecasting realities and pipeline health.

  • Bizwin Cloud Based Sales Forecasting Tool


It offers up to 90% accuracy in Sales Forecast
Provides visibility of pipeline between any date range
This is a cloud-based product. Accessible anywhere, any time.
Weekly Forecasts get aggregated up to 4 levels of management hierarchy and provides all-round visibility of the Sales pipeline

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