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1. Preparing to Sell How to define your ideal customer Elevator Pitch Go-To-Market Checklist Value Proposition in 5 Steps Work Practices for Higher Productivity
2. Target Achievement Planning How to plan Target achievement-Revenue Model How to plan activities for achieving the Sales target -Sales Stage Planning
3. Demand Generation How to build Value into your Offering How to plan demand generation using PENCILS model
4. Prospecting How to do effective Prospecting How to qualify a Prospect using SPIN technique How to handle Objections A few quick tips for Cold calling and Email campaigns
5. Handling Competition How to handle competition How to use Battlecard
6. Selling & Winning Deal 7 Steps for winning a Sales deal How to negotiate effectively 11 Techniques for Sales closures
7. Sales Forecasting How to qualify an Opportunity – Opp Scoring tool How to improve Sales forecasting accuracy
8. Account Management How to calculate and use Customer Lifetime Value Account Planning and Management
9. Channel Management How to plan your Channel How to assess a potential Channel Partner How to monitor an existing Channel Partner
10. Information Security Introducing Information Security Internet and Allied Security Information Security Awareness
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