B2B Demand Generation

One of the greatest difficulties for organizations, especially firms working in swarmed markets or new companies is –

Demand Generation

Bizwin offers practical guidance which ensures successful, effective and time-bound B2B 

demand generation in India 

for companies.

Bizwin can help an organization in demand generation, go to market strategy and aid in overcoming inadequate leads and slow revenue growth. Our suitable tolls like ValueQuest, Marketing Audit, ARRC analysis and PENCILS model help in acquiring, processing and evaluating key information for the client. These processes enable the client to have a comprehensive understanding of key sales and marketing functions backed by hard facts and data to make more informed decisions.

OPP360+ is an Opportunity Analysis and Pursuit Management tool. This cloud-based product enables the sales team to recognize and provide genuine demand generation. This product offers all-encompassing knowledge of the sales pipeline well being and also helps the management concentrate on zones which will enable them in closing sales deals. With the help of OPP360+, the management can see, endorse or dismiss the quest for any sales lead. It accesses different risks in a sales opportunity and also judges the potential. On the basis of the potential, it is decided if the opportunity will be pursued or not. If the opportunity qualifies, prompt actions are determined and focused on.

OPP360+ can be used optimally on a quarterly basis to advance the Business Development practices of an organization. It has various benefits.

  • Saves time and exertion from seeking after irrelevant opportunities.
  • Minimizes the time in the sales cycle for each opportunity.
  • Enhances sales transformation fundamentally.
  • Role-based understanding into sales pipeline wellbeing.
  • This is a cloud-based product, accessible anyplace and anytime.

The services provided by Bizwinwill boost the sales by helping the team in choosing the right opportunity at the right time and following up with the best course of action.

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