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Bizwin delivers a range of solutions to realize your business goals, now and in the future. Working with several businesses worldwide we provide practical solutions to ensure measurable time-bound results which most

business consulting firms 

Our experts translate this experience into resources and professional

business consulting services 

such as:


  • Product Value Creation – What is the Product or the Offering Value are very important questions in the steps taken to create Value. We guide you in linking value to innovation thus creating a strong value internalization and thought leadership while leaving a high personal impact on the clients.
  • Product Value Communication – Your team will be trained by our professionals to understand quantification of benefits, PENCILS model and positioning trade-off, also the best techniques for content creation, brand visibility which would lead to superior value communication.
  • Competition Analysis– Preparation of tactical and strategic battle cards to achieve sustainable competitive intelligence.
  • Account Planning– Is key to sales growth, hence mastering PPP analysis and account status sheet is necessary for better account penetration and closures.
  • Objection Handling, Negotiation, Closure– We will update the techniques for objection handling, negotiations and sales closures in your team to build better customer confidence and drive faster sales closures.
  • Rationalization of business development costs– The rising business development costs and dwindling profits are a major concern, to counter them we educate you on effectiveness and profitability analysis. This analysis will help in delivering a revised cost plan, budget plan and action plan leading to a 10% to 15% reduction in marketing and sales cost. 

Bizwin helps a company as a

business management consultant 


 business development consultant 

by providing highly tangible and practical recommendations which are rooted in our deep understanding of the sales process.The business consultancy services we provide have a custom-configured approach since we work collaboratively with the clients. Bizwin brings to the table our effective and efficient expertise in areas like pricing, marketing and sales, with a general manager approach.

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