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End-to-end Solution for effective Sales learning and readiness

If every Sales person is as good as your best, what would be the impact on your top and bottom lines?

  • Managers face a huge challenge in training and upskilling their Sales team
  • Salespeople do not want one-time training that is boring and ineffective
  • Can your Sales team …
    • Handle customer questions effectively
    • Pitch the right Value proposition to the right stakeholder
    • Plan and meet Sales targets, quarter on quarter
    • Upsell and cross sell related products & services
    • Deal with hostile competition
    • Manage Strategic Accounts and build a loyal customer relationship

The answer is YES, if the Salesperson is equipped with Sales360 that runs on RapL platform

  • It empowers your front-line Sales team and builds a next-gen workforce
  • It identifies knowledge gaps and uses AI driven mobile solutions to fix them automatically


Challenges with conventional training
One-time training does not guarantee learning or knowledge retention
Difficulty in identifying most and least knowledgeable employees
Onboarding new staff is an inefficient and painful process
Lack of visibility of knowledge gaps in the organisation
Employees are not motivated to learn and find training to be a boring, mandated task
Short product lifecycles and frequent process refreshes requires constant updates

All the above mentioned challenges can be handled using Sales360

Sales360 on RapL is different from traditional LMS
Sales360 on RapLLMS
Scenario based learning allows you to deploy new modules in less than 5 days.Takes weeks or even months to create large sections of rich content
Adaptive and MultilingualBursts of bite sized learning are tailored to each learner in their language of choiceEach learner goes through the same content in a single language
Addresses the forgetting curve by measuring knowledge gaps and confidence constantlyOne time learning ensure pass marks, but not retention 30, 60 and 120 days later
Focuses on application of knowledge for practical useIs theoretical and focuses primarily on knowledge dissemination
Continuous measurementMultiple data points are logged for each learner on a daily basisMeasures only test scores, time spent and completion.
GamifiedHuman centred design to motivate usage across different types of employeesAn array of features are presented and there is little motivation for the user to use any of them
Hierarchy based monitoringAllows management across levels to directly monitor performance of their reporting staffDoes not offer hierarchy based reporting that can be used by line management on the mobile
Content SupportRapL team of content experts collaborate to create required content bitesPlatform is handed off to the client and only technical support is provided
One-stop Learning & Engagement solution for tomorrow

Adaptive microlearning is replacing traditional Learning Management Systems across the world

Sales360 on RapL is a solution that addresses three key points for you and your team

  • Engaging (gamified, scenario based) and simple to use for the end user (including multi-lingual)
  • Personalised and adaptive, inculcating a continuous learning culture
  • Actionable analytics to enable appropriate interventions

RapL platform has received excellent feedback and engagement from clients

  • Marquee clients are using RapL (Shell, Maersk, Titan, Bajaj, L & T, Toyota, Casio, Nike, Flipkart etc.)
  • Client qualitative feedback is excellent with > 90% of users saying the solution helped with learning
  • Weekly user engagement is on average >75%, which is substantial for a performance enhancement / learning system

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