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With the importance of sales and marketing functions being realized by businesses, several

sales and marketing consulting 

have entered the market. However, one of the key points majority of sales and marketing companies are missing is that of offering an integrated and result-driven approach.

Bizwin trains and equips teams to achieve superior success in

business marketing and b2b marketing strategies.


Bizwin is ranked among the top

management consulting firms

and our team holds over 200 man-years of collective experience in the field of Sales and General Management in Fortune 500 companies, and global roles in Indian and MNC IT firms. The organizations we have been worked with include Microsoft, Oracle, Dassault, Silicon Graphics Inc, Gulf Computers, Wipro Infotech and Accenture. Our team has managed revenue growth in North America, Europe, Middle East and South Asia markets and is recognized as a trusted partner by some of the best businesses in various industries. Our clients appreciate working with our team which consists of some of the best and brightest minds in the business who are delivering outstanding results through customized solutions for:

  • Demand Acceleration – our team will mentor you on various topics covering task environment audit, SWOT and ARRC analysis, 6R Analysis and PENCILS mode.
  • Sales Acceleration – through customer value creation exercise, SaleX model, revenue model ARRC analysis, sales stage planning and a competent action plan. A 30% to 60% increase in sales can be expected in 12 months as your business profitability improves.
  • Thought Leadership and Brand Reinforcement – By meticulously covering topics like brand audit, customer value, offering roadmap and brand visibility. The outcome will be a stronger brand and superior value communication.
  • Differentiation and Positioning Objectives – To guide your team in choosing the right segments, targeting techniques, positioning methods leading to competitive advantage and better quality and quantity of leads. This all would translate into faster sales growth.
  • Sales Strategy – Using 14 fundamental elements which will give a 360-degree view of your business. This will focus on short and long-term sales outlook.
  • Calculating Customer Lifetime Value – Attained by quantification of customer and prospect value. This leads to better customer categorization along with the resource allocation ensuring progress of the marketing team.
  • Prioritizing Marketing Initiatives – For different offerings by honing skills in comparing and quantifying potential, preparedness, and contribution of your products/services and effective utilization of resources. This would help achieve higher sales growth at a lower cost.

In today’s competitive climate many companies require

b2b marketing and sales services as a large percentage of sales staff consistently miss their quotas. Bizwin offers the best Management Consulting Services 

using our time-tested solutions for your firm’s sales and marketing concerns.

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