“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react,” This reflective musing of George Bernard Shaw set us thinking deeply. How can one grow his/her business in the face of odds like adverse market situation, hostile competition, rising costs and many more?

Decades of experience have taught us a simple truth — the best strategies aren’t top-down or bottom-up. They’re outside-in, starting with the market and/or the customers’ needs.

Given this context, we were pondering over creating a growth formula for B2B organizations. And then suddenly we stumbled upon this GBS quote.

It re-shaped our thinking and helped us build fresh ideas, which later coalesced to form our SaleX model.

So, what is Bizwin SaleX? It is a model that can dramatically accelerate a company’s growth. Let us explore deeper.


Before adopting the SaleX model, a company must have its fundamentals in order. And these include: Core Values, Leadership, Relevant offerings (Value for target customers), Operational efficiency.

Next comes the Approach

The whole premise starts with the SaleX approach, which is best captured below:

And then comes the actual Growth drivers

SaleX model identifies 5 primary areas for driving rapid business growth. These are the possibilities that an organization needs to act on aggressively.

Details of the Growth drivers

The Triggers and the Initiatives of each of the 5 drivers are furnished below.

An organization must be pro-active, intelligent and sensitive to act on each trigger and maximize its effect, before anyone else does.

How to implement

It is not necessary to attempt all the 5 drivers at the same time. An organization must be smart enough to assess its relevant sweet spots and adopt 1 or 2 drivers. If an organization possesses the necessary resources, it may try multiple drivers as well. If done correctly, that can result in an exponential growth.

Key Resources for SaleX implementation

An organization needs to scale up a few or all of the following key resources to implement SaleX model successfully.


SaleX is a practical and proven model for rapid growth of B2B organizations. It requires discipline and smart focus to adopt and benefit from this model.

For more details and implementation guidance, you may please contact the author.

Aurijit Ganguli aurijit@bizwinconsulting.com