November 2016: Bizwin launches its fourth product 4Cast 360

This is an ingenious & practical, cloud-based Sales forecasting tool.

It takes out the “guess work” from forecasting and enables the Sales people and the Management to assess the potential & progress of leads/opportunities based on an interactive, step-by-step facts verification and instant analysis.

It ensures up to 90% Forecasting accuracy

January 2016: Bizwin launches its third product Opp360+

This is an end-to-end Opportunity Analysis and Pursuit Management tool, for modern enterprises.

A Sales person may use this cloud-based tool to assess the Risk & Potential of an opportunity correctly and save time & effort from pursuing the wrong ones.

For the Management, it offers a role-based insight of the Sales pipeline health. It also enables the Management to view, approve or reject the pursuit of any Sales opportunity.

November 2015: Bizwin launches its second product BDEX360, a unique diagnostic tool

BDEX360 is a one-of-its kind, cloud-based product in the market and is an effective diagnostic tool for companies of all sizes and domains. It helps the management assess, measure and improve the Business Development practice of the entire organization or a specific division.

All evaluations are done quantitatively. The Business Development Excellence (BDEX) score is calculated considering 50 BD Function areas, grouped into 15 Function categories. This is based on a complex algorithm, researched & developed by the leaders in the industry.

The BDEX score represents the current Business Development excellence of the organization and may be compared across organizations in the industry.

October 2015: Bizwin launches its first product Opp360, to expedite Sales qualification

This simple & practical cloud-based product has been designed to enable the Sales people to identify the real opportunities from the pile of leads / opportunities. It would also guide them to focus on those areas which will enable them to close the deals within a specific timeframe.

March 2015: Bizwin launches SAGE framework

With a team of seasoned professionals, Bizwin has launched a unique, copyrighted framework for Sales Acceleration and Growth Enablement (SAGE). This is perhaps the only business framework in the world that audits, optimizes and implements the strategic, tactical and administrative aspects of business development, to ensure all-round business growth within the desired timeline.

SAGE is implemented through Bizwin's proprietary ADVICE methodology. It uses Bizwin's own tools, templates and techniques to apply a structured approach to accomplish focused targets of Growth, Thought leadership and Cash flow for any company in B2B business.