This is a one-of-its kind product in the market and is an effective diagnostic tool for companies of all sizes and domains. It helps management assess, measure and improve the Business Development practice of the entire organization or a specific division.

All evaluations are done quantitatively. The Business Development Excellence (BDEX) score is calculated considering 50 BD Function areas, grouped into 15 Function categories. This is based on a complex algorithm, researched & developed by leaders in the industry.

The BDEX score represents the current Business Development excellence of the organization and may be compared across organizations in the industry.


The objectives of this diagnostic tool is to help management to:

  • Measure the efficiency of the current Business Development operations and functions, including all relevant areas of Strategy, Tactics and Administration
  • Measure Results, such as Revenue, Profit and Costs
  • Compare current scores with recommended ones
  • Focus on immediate action areas for improving the individual and the overall BDEX score

When to use this?

At periodic intervals (typically once a Quarter), use this to analyze the status and progress of your Business Development practices.


  • For the first time, you can actually measure the current Business Development excellence of your organization
  • It offers a snapshot of your scores in various areas of sales and marketing
  • By comparing with the recommended scores for companies of your size and industry, you can judge where you stand today
  • It highlights areas that need to be improved for advancing your business interests and results
  • Allow you to evaluate your progress by checking the BDEX score at regular intervals.
  • This is a cloud-based product. Accessible anywhere, any time.