Bizwin is a global Sales Management Consulting firm
We help Companies grow Faster, Higher and Stronger
What makes us so exceptional to be your reliable Growth partner?

Comprehensive Sales and Marketing management solutions under one
roof--covering Strategic, Tactical and Administrative aspects of business development.

Team of seasoned professionals, each with experience ranging from 27 to 37 years. Decades of expertise in growing business. Held leadership roles in both small and Fortune 500 companies in U.S.A., Europe and India.

Our SAGE framework, ADVICE methodology, Quantitative approach (BDEX360) and Rapid Growth model SaleX form one of the most advanced Sales excellence models in the world, today.

With our diagnostic tool, we measure the current status of the Business Development practice. Periodic assessments track and measure the improvement in multiple BD function areas.

We specialize in Business Development. Our long-term engagement ensures stronger brand, better leads, accurate forecast, faster Sales, higher growth, lower Sales cost and optimum cash flow.


Demand Generation

Facing weak demand?
Poor leads?
Long Sales cycle?

Leveraging our PENCILS model, we can ensure sustainable demand for your new and existing offerings

Revenue Growth

Troubled with competition?
Aggressive target?
Slow growth?

Coupled with our SAGE framework and SaleX model, we can help you grow faster, profitably

Process Optimization

Suffering from low BD productivity?
High BD costs?

Our framework, tools, templates and metrics can optimize time-bound results for you

Thought Leadership

Beset with low Brand awareness?
Weak Thought leadership?

We can guide you to earn your stature, boost your Brand and establish a niche in your target markets

Skills Improvement

Lacking BD / Sales skills? Unfamiliar with the latest techniques?

We can train and equip your team to achieve superior success in a sure and efficient manner


Analyses Gaps and Weaknesses of the organization

Recommends Actions and enables measuring progress

Measures entire Business Development practice

Compares with the Scores of BD practice of similar orgs

Offers accurate Sales Forecast (up to 90%)

Interactive step-by-step facts verification

Eliminates guess work and mitigates risks

Predicts Bookings for 3 different scenarios

Separates right opportunities from the wrong ones

Enables Management to view, approve or reject a Sales opp

Draws attention to immediate action areas

Offers role-based holistic insight of Sales pipeline health

About Us

With 200 man-years of collective business experience, Bizwin goes beyond the traditional Consulting model. We guide our clients to set business targets, oversee the execution and hand-hold them to achieve the outcomes. No lecture. No heavy reports. Only results. With offices in New York (U.S.A) and Bangalore (India), our team is available to our global clients, all 7 days in a week. To know more about our Team, please click here
To learn more about our Engagement models, please click here

Case Study

Bizwin has been working with various clients in the US and India. Most of the clients start with a 6-month engagement. Once they see the benefits, they extend the engagement further. Bizwin has also helped a few clients by addressing certain specific needs, through short-term engagements.

Our Clients